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Glock 20 trigger mod question

Hi there guys!

This is my first post here in the forum.
I'm a happy onwner of a G20C (that's the reason of my nickname) and I'm more than happy with it, apart from the fact that is almost new (just fired 300 rds up to now) and I really don't feel right with the standard trigger "two-parts" pull...
I'd like to modify it so that the trigger pull and "run" is CONSTANT without the "step" at the end of the pull... if you know what I mean.

I do not wish, however, to change the firing pin spring and the firing safety pin spring (unless it is strictly necessary to obtain a perfect combination)

What could I use to improve the trigger (to make it smoother all the way from the beginning to the end)? Do I need to use the NY1 and/or NY2 glock triggers or do I just need to change the little spring with a stronger one?
What do you suggest?

And, second question, I'd like to know what is the recoil spring force on the G20C... is it 17 lbs?

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