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Originally Posted by 69stingray View Post
I know what you mean the kids have been out of the house for so long now it would be hard to have them come back (for other than a few day visit). We have gotten really use to our privacy I guess. It's not that they wouldn't be welcome or anything if the need arose but.... and we really do enjoy it when they stay a night or two, especially the grandkids.

Hope you enjoy next weekend. I've still got a few day of vacation left to burn this year myself, so we may have to plan another little get way for ourselfs.
I adore my daughters and my son-in-laws....

the need did arise with our youngest daughter...just after my husband and I grew accustomed to life on our own. It seemed we ALWAYS had the girls, since we had been married a short time when our oldest daughter came along...almost 2 years later.

We didn't expect this, neither did they, but are happy to be here for them.

Hopefully it won't last too long...

We want to be "newlyweds" all over again, like we were a couple of months ago!

My daughter said something this evening that makes me hopeful that it isn't going to last as long as she once thought it would. I've been praying hard for that!

I love them dearly....but I believe it's best if we don't all live under the same roof!


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