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Originally Posted by 69stingray View Post
I'm good, a bit bored but good. My daughter came down and brought her two kids today which was great. But they had to go back home a little while ago (which explains the boredom).

How about you?
Bored would describe it too!

Hubby and I had plans for a night out tonight, but had a "mystery guest" coming in. My hubby's nephew is here for a long weekend from college. (my daughter and her hubby planned the big surprise.) The kids are playing video I'm sitting here half listening to them, and half browsing GT.)

They seem to be having a good time.

My hubby was happy to see his nephew but a bit disappointed that we didn't get our night out alone!

He called it an early night, since he has to work tomorrow. BUT we have four days off TOGETHER next weekend. That almost NEVER happens during the school year!

We are going to "run away from home". (my daughter and her husband are temporarily staying with us right now.) We can't WAIT until next weekend!


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