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Originally Posted by ElPasoGlock View Post
I really must laugh when I read stories of people pouring tons of investment money into gold and silver, which by the way, are intrinsically worthless. Silver has some uses but gold has very few. It is difficult and expensive to mine, process, and extracting the gold produces tons of toxic waste.

It is artificial demand that makes the value, just like diamonds whose value is tightly controlled by one major cartel (Debeers).

You can't eat gold or silver and if there was no more economy I certainly wouldn't accept it as payment. The new currency of a devastated economy will be ammunition, food, water, weapons, antibiotics, or barter skills like blacksmithing, dentistry, medicine, etc.

You lawyers out there are screwed! So keep buying that precious metal and I'll keep buying some lead.
Like any investment we can judge it by the results when all is said and done.
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