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Originally Posted by whenmonkeysfly View Post
I would have lots more data, but I shot one of the arms on my chronograph... CRAP!
Anyway the change to a Lightning Strike Titanium Striker fixed the misfire issue. Nice, crisp, light trigger now.
I did the same thing, about 65rds into my FIRST time out with the chrony. I went to OSH and picked up some wood dowels that were about the same diameter of the metal rods, cut them to length and narrowed the ends to fit. I have 12 wooden rods in my range bag in case it ever happens again, but I was able to straighten out the metal rod in a vise.

It's good to see another 9x25 Dillon loader all fired up! I just picked up some Winchester (.356) 88gr JHP's to load. I'm hoping they aren't as tricky to seat straight as the XTP's have been. It looks like that 95gr MG is a good choice too. Good Job WMF!
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