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I have two Gen 4 Glock 19s, love them, great mods, at last. But my carry every day Glock 19 NVEXXX Glock with Gills!

My hands do not sweat, or feet... Bionic? Who know's.

Out of the box? You would have bled, also your cover Shirt/sweater/jacket, would get hung up. First mod, dremel all right side, looks nice? No, but it does not hang up now, the line under the thumb dimple, right side, had a sharp point, sliced it off. Lightly went around all the sharp points with a fine file, still non slip, best finish ever, but does not hurt now.

TruGlow sights, extended slide release, Pearce Sp? butt plug, trigger bars cut off. In Glock holster, every day!
Keep Safe.
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