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Originally Posted by themighty9mm View Post
Tried unique, doesnt measure well with my 550,
Unique was giving me fits in my 550B last spring. I filled the Powder Measure Tube up with Unique and then threw 600 rounds of 10mm and 300 rounds of .45 ACP and then I threw another 400 rounds of 9mm. I just kept filling the tube up as I used up the powder. By the time I was loading the last of my 9mm, I had tons of variance on the powder throws. I think the powder may have gotten compacted.

This weekend, I loaded up 500 rounds of my 9mm 115 grain load with Unique. I watched it pretty closely and it never varied even a 10th of a grain while I loaded 500 rounds.

I took care to make sure the powder did not get compacted.
  1. I made sure that I never had more than 1/2 inch of powder in the main well of the Powder Measure Tube (about 75 rounds worth).
  2. I let the powder get low enough on occassion so that the divider in the tube showed.
I still have the better part of a four pound canister of Unique, so I'm glad I was able to get it to meter well. If you're willing to experiment, and make frequent powder measurements, I think this might be worth trying. I'd be interested in seeing if this works for anybody else. Otherwise, I'll blame the usual culprits: sunspots and gremlins.

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