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Originally Posted by njl View Post
What I don't get about that posted manual for 124gr WST data (or for any of the powders) is that they've posted data for 124gr FMJ/JHP/LRN. LRN typically takes a reduced charge range to get similar velocities to jacketed. How can they say with all those powders, a given charge rate of the appropriate powder will yield 1100 fps regardless of bullet type?

BTW, I've emailed Hodgdon several times, and their stance is there is no safe data for WST in 9mm.

More then likely because the differences will be marginal enough not to be an issue. I've never differentiated bullet types/materials unless working at the very lowest charge weights.

Hodgdon apparently hasn't bothered to develop any data for WST/9mm. Back in the day even Winchester never offered data for it. That doesn't make it unsafe to use otherwise there'd be thousands of us dead, crippled, or maimed by now.
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