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Originally Posted by Glocktrigger View Post

Thanks for your question, I hope I can help. I haven't heard that specific complaint before. I use Glock Smooth Trigger w/ trigger bar in my drop-in kits. I have small hands and sometimes my trigger finger will hit the trigger safety on the side and cause the trigger to stick briefly. On my "EDGE" trigger, the trigger sits further back in the trigger guard due to pre-travel being removed. As a result there is no interference for my short trigger finger to run into. I would like to talk with you about it so I can be of help. A phone call would probably be in order because I have a few specific questions that may lead to a solution more quickly. I can be reached at 877-454-0877 9-5 weekdays or 502-432-2727 after hours until about 10 pm. Please call me to discuss, I believe we are both EST.
With the pre-travel removed on the EDGE trigger, have you observed the position of the trigger bar cruciform to see if it extends beyond the drop safety ledge on the trigger housing which effectively disables that safety function? Just curious as many of the aftermarket triggers that remove pre-travel defeats this safey making the pistol illegal for IDPA competition (maybe USPSA too but I'm not current on their rules). This was an issue with Vanek triggers.
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