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here's my story.

i gunpal'd him the money on 4-30-10 and he said 4 weeks. on 6-16-10 i replied to our original correspondence with an email to him saying:

"Hey Craig....
Whats the word on this?

...and i sent this same email daily from 6-16-10 until 6-23-10. with no response. i called the phone number listed on his CFL for 'gun connection' almost daily as well. noone ever answered that number.

then on 6-23-10 i posted the above post here to try to find out some info.
he posted back here pretty quickly and got pissy with me for 'bringing it here' and told me that he had been emailing me daily.

well first of all my email doesnt junk/spam people that i am in active conversation with, but i checked his email addy locally and even called my ISP that this particular address is hosted with.

no emails.

furthermore wouldnt a reasonable individual realize that if they WERE replying to an email and it kept coming day after day that they should do something else? like use the contact info on gunpal that had my address and phone number and a DIFFERENT email address?

none of that was tried. but he found the gunpal transaction very quickly to refund my money with indignation.

like i said in the other thread... i dunno if hes a crook, but hes a horrible business person and treats his customers with little regard.

edit: it looks like the thread i am linking is the same thread that the OP is linking. POST #18 is where my bit begins.

i also got several PMs here from other members that had been waiting about as long as i had with no responses. hopefully they will post here too.

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