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Originally Posted by unclebob View Post
You should look inside each and every case. But there are cases where you cannot look inside the case too verify the charge. Then what do you do. You can have powder bridge in the powder measure. And not drop the charge. You can be temporary distracted and not check the case for powder and install a bullet on an empty case. There are a lot of reasons for using one.
This is where I'm at....I have never loaded for rifle on a progressive and at least while getting started I'd like to verify charges. I have to admit to rarely checking powder charges for pistol rounds on my progressives and will probably treat the rifle rounds the same after the novelty wears off. I don't even know how you could use a mirror to see the powder charge in a .223 when in the shell plate. I'm about sick of loading 5.56 for my AR15s on my single stage presses. I'm thinking of using my 550. I think that means the Dillon set up is out, without rigging it up in some fashion. The RCBS Lock Out Die won't work on 22 caliber cartridges and I don't know if the RCBS powder check will or not. That's why I'm thinking Powder Cop. It's cheap too if I decide all is well without it after my initial break in to progressive rifle reloading. I looks to me like I could put it in station 3 and still quickly start a bullet in the case at station 4. I won't be crimping so this should work. Any thoughts.....?
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