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Of the powder check dies, I only like two of them the Dillon and the RCBS Lock Out Die. I have seen where I person on here a long time ago made it so the Dillon powder check worked on his 550 press. I like the Dillon because it well give you an audible and a visual check for no powder or too much powder. And the RCBS because it well lock up the press
A lot of people say you do not need the powder check die. Yes and no.
First of all if you do like you should and like the books say donít let your powder measure get below Ĺ empty. So you should not run out of powder. You should look inside each and every case. But there are cases where you cannot look inside the case too verify the charge. Then what do you do. You can have powder bridge in the powder measure. And not drop the charge. You can be temporary distracted and not check the case for powder and install a bullet on an empty case. There are a lot of reasons for using one.
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