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Just a couple things to add from my enjoyment of shooting the 10. Unique is a wonderful powder for most any caliber, but, you cannot achieve the 10's potential with it. For that task I use Longshot, and have been so pleased with velocities, accuracy, grains needed for hot loadings, doubt I'll try any of the other good powders. If you can achieve the power level you desire with 9.0 grains of LS, why use another powder that requires 15 grains to achieve the same. Only 7000 grains to a pound of powder, why not get as many loadings out of your pound?

I invested in a Lone Wolf barrel so I can shoot lead, which is my preference only because of price. After 2000 rounds of lead, the barrel payed for itself. If jacketed is a must, Hornady also makes a HAP bullet which comeing out of a ten will do everything nicely to meet your demands, except expand.

I also found it beneficial to get the stainless LW guide rod with the 22 LB wolfe spring. Reason being, I found the factory guide rod/spring was throwing my " have to be retrieved brass" 25 or more feet away. With the after market set up, light loads, hot loads, all brass drops about 6 ft away, and functions every bit as reliably as the factory.

As far as reloader, you are already set, right? When you find yourself shooting hundreds of rounds weekly, then, it's time to upgrade to a progressive. Either of the two you chose would be good ones, until it's time to get one search the adds on different forums, and try to find one used. They don't wear out, and can be had for considerably less money.

Brass? Starline new all the way. You know what you have, and thats top of the line.

Good shooting
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