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Originally Posted by jswest86 View Post
Thanks guys this is great info keep it coming. As I stated earlier I use some software called Reloaders Reference it is a database that works with Microsoft Access and it has a lot of load data for most any round you can think of. I plan on using that to put in additional stuff that I find over the years from other load manuals and what not to consolidate everything and make it easy to get to. I'm sure I will buy a manual at some point just to have one but I think that this software will make it easy to add new data and pull stuff from everywhere without having to spend a ton of money on a number of different manuals. If anyone is interested in this software you can google it or I can post a link its free so I would encourage everyone to check it out I think it could be a great tool then again I am just starting out so maybe not.
Load Data is only as good as it's source. You don't need a bunch of manuals but I would not trust a internet source that is not a manufacture. Between my Lyman manual and the Manufacture websites I have not had a burning need to find data anywhere else. And I would never trust something other then the manufacture on the internet if I didn't have a chrono. Brian Enos often has enough people doing similiar loads that I can trust them to get me some starting data that I can then work up on the chrono.

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