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Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
I can't get that high, after 9.2 my velocities start to drop. 9.2 with the 180's is the max in my 10mm's.
That is par for the course with Longshot in that combination.

Originally Posted by leeward419 View Post
Is freak show a retired english teacher?, language is important just read a Jeff Cooper Book.
Enjojing the 10 mleter discuszion.
No, I'm not a retired English teacher, though I prefer the term 'educator'. Teaching someone is showing the process. Educating someone is presenting the critical thinking skill set to allow others to teach themselves. I'm 29yo, family man, part time commercial reloader, full time laborer.

My point of using correct punctuation and grammar is to convey a concise message so the readers can comprehend easily thus rendering aid to such problem being articulated.
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