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Originally Posted by USDB2FCI View Post
My USPS Money Order has this date on it 4-14-10. I don't mind waiting but just tell me how long it will be. If its a year so be it, and say so. .... Wait DeltaNu1142 are you the one I sold my 870P barrel to ? If you are, I am sorry for all of this as I'm the one who informed you about this extension. I'm waiting for mine also.
Oh, that's right--yes, that was me. Thanks for that sale, that one went great! I'm in the same boat; about the same timeframe on the MO. I've already wasted more than $65 of my time keeping track of this & would just like to know one of these times that I hear I'm 'going to get it', that I'm actually going to get it. I'm tired of getting the runaround. Good luck.
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