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Reloading 10mm, looking for some guidance

Hi all, I am a proud new Glock owner as I just purchased a Glock 20 with graduation money. Being a poor college grad I decided it would be wise to get into the practice of reloading as the 10mm is not a cheap round. I was fortunate enough to have been given a Lee 3-hole turret press and a Lee primer tool to start reloading. I purchased a Lee 4 die set for 10mm/.40 and this past weekend reloaded my first 60 or so shells. These rounds that I have made are lower power rounds. The individual that is helping me get into this had some Unique powder so my rounds contain 6.5gr of Unique and the projectile is the 180gr Hornady XTP-HP. I realize that the bullets are premium and these were the only ones I could get a hold of at my local sporting goods store so I got them to reload these rounds. Has anyone ever used this load? I got this data from the Reloaders Reference and confirmed it in a Hornady manual. A couple of concerns I have moving forward are, assuming I decide to load hotter rounds, what kind of recoil springs would you recommend going with? I know wolf has everything up to a 24 lb spring I believe, and the factory I think is a 16lb spring, I have fired double tap ammo in this thing and thoroughly enjoyed it but I am worried about beating the gun to death if I fire stuff this hot. From anyone's experiences what is a good all around spring stiffness to go with for firing both hot and moderate rounds? or is it better to go with multiple recoil springs for different applications? Where do you guys buy your bullets? The best I have seen for .40/10mm fmj's price wise is 95.00 for 1000. In addition is it more cost effective to go with once fired reprocessed brass or new lets say Starline brass? Starline brass is 138.00 for 1000 shipped I believe and I have seen once fired for about 80.00. I would think once fired for plinking would be the way to go but what do you guys think? In the future I would like to get a progressive press the two I have in mind are either the Hornady LNL or the Dillon 650. Taking price out of consideration, which do you all believe is the better press?

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