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+3 extensions from MAX100

Please keep in mind that the information below is strictly factual and (I believe) is pertinent to this forum. Mods, if this is in the wrong section, please move it for me.

Sometime in late April, I contacted MAX100 after seeing his Remington 870 magazine extensions in this thread. He responded to my email May 2:
The price is $65 shipped. It comes with a extra power Wolff spring. It's made of high quality steel and has a very durable matte black ceramic bake on finish that looks similar to a parkerized finish and it matches the shotgun finish well. It will take about 4 weeks to ship. The payment options are: USPS money order, personal check or by credit card. 7+1 extension even with the muzzle with a 18.5" barrel.

It has ridges on the bottom of the base to engage a detent.


7103 HWY 101 N
So I sent a money order, and sent this email May 3:
OK, I just dropped a $65 money order in the mail to you with my shipping address! Please let me know when you receive it!
On May 4, I received an email that said "thanks". So far, so good, right?

May 21, I sent:
Hello - can you give me an idea as to when I might receive the mag tube? I sent the money order about three weeks ago.
A little over a week later, on June 1, MAX100 sent this:

It's going to be about 3 more weeks. I have received many orders and it's going to take longer than expected. I stopped taking any new orders to get caught up. I don't get to work on them everyday. I run a gun shop as well.

That's reasonable. So a couple weeks later, on June 14, I sent an email:

Are you thinking that I'll be receiving the extension this week? Or next?


He got right back to me on the same day, and I received:
It will be next week. I have many made but I can't put a finish on them until this weekend and first of next week. It's time consuming because then they have to be baked in the oven. It will look nice you will like it. I will email when I ship.
June 24th, I was wondering where it was, and sent:
Good morning--do you still think I'll get the extension this week?

Two weeks went by, and I finally got a response July 9:

I have to go out of town on business and will be back on the 16th and will ship your extension out then.

So I wrote back the same day:
Are they finished? Finish baked on, ready to ship... I ask because I sent payment two months ago, and I've been told a few different dates. I realize this isn't your primary business, just a side project; but I had no idea it would take this long.

MAX100 wrote back immediately:
It's done and I will ship it as soon as I get back on Monday after the 16th.
Jump ahead to three weeks later... July 28th, I sent:

I'd like to get this extension, I really would. The quality is reported good, and they look great in photos. However, I paid for one of these several months ago, and you've promised me on a few different occasions that one would be sent to me. I write & I don't hear back. I realize you're a busy guy--but if you can't deliver, please send my money back.

I've moved. My new address is:

Josh xxx
Clearwater, FL xxxxx

MAX100 wrote back on the same day:
I will get you taken care of. I have a lot of orders to fill. I have your new address down
That's the last I've heard from him. I've sent several emails, sent PM's on GT, but I'm getting nowhere. Can anyone assist me with this? I think I've got reason to be a dissatisfied with this situation.
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