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Originally Posted by SlimlineGlock View Post
PRIMEX Plastics Corporation

Offering one of the highest aesthetics, Gloss and depth of image in the industry, our Weather-X ML 200 & 500 may consist of 3-5 layers but is typically three. Sheet construction consist of a clear acrylic cap over either ASA or acrylic over an ABS substrate. Key properties are surface hardness, chemical resistance, weatherability, toughness and excellent formability. Applications include Spa, RV, automotive, marine and transportation.
The silver market is showing signs of bullish strain and an incredible opportunity is being presented to you. Iím a staunch silver advocate and itís time for an update right now. Silver stands to outperform gold as the long term precious metal bull market continues to unfold.The price of silver, along with gold, is kept under wraps by officials of the New York COMEX market, aka CRIMEX. The old boy network which runs CRIMEX have whipsawed the market in their desired direction for decades and profited accordingly. These actions are government sanctioned because precious metals are competition to un-backed fiat money. State mandated fiat is so weak and poorly designed that it cannot stand competitors.
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