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Just bought a KT Sub2000

Was at the LGS looking for something else and saw a Glock mag'd 9mm Sub2k sitting there, and figured what the hell.

Cleaned + lubed it and ran about 800 rounds through it this morning without a hickup. Despite it's miniscule size, it shoulders and points very naturally for me, and was easily milk-jug accurate at 100 yards w/ the factory sights. Better sights + better ammo would make for better accuracy. Very quick to deploy, even from folded, and an amazingly small, light, and compact package. A person could easily carry this in a laptop bag or briefcase and no one would be the wiser, and it would greatly extend the reach of the person's normal carry firearm. The plastic parts had some flashing to be removed, but for a $329 rifle I don't expect much in the way of fit and finish. The mechanism is simple simple simple and only takes about five minutes to field-strip and clean.

Just a fun little plinker, and a good experience with my first Kel Tec product. If it proves to be reliable, it may stay in my truck permanently, as it's accurate enough for the occasional coyote and will take up almost no space. I already keep spare loaded mags for my Glock in the truck, and they'll fit the Sub2k just fine.

I'm glad I bought it.

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