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surely you can't be serious!

Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
If one were to look at real world shooting according to Evan Marshall you should use one of the top three bullets listed. The first number is number of shootings. The second is number of one shot stops. % is the percentage of shot that are one stop shots.

Remington 165 gr Golden Saber 146 137 94%
CCI 155 gr Gold Dot 59 55 93%
Federal 155 gr Hydra Shok 88 82 93%
Federal 180 gr Hydra Shok 65 57 88%
I have always favored the 180's myself but now I am rethinking my logic. Also this type of information highly favors older rounds that have had to be used enough to generate enough information.


I've said it before and i'll say it again, Evan Marshall & Evan Sanow's "stopping power" books are complete BS...

Choose a cartridge that features 100% positive feeding, excellent accuracy, and good terminal ballistics, and stop worrying about MUZZLE ENERGY, MUZZLE VELOCITY and stopping power

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Stopping Power:
"where you hit the person and how many times you can hit them"
~Dr Vincent DiMaio
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