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Originally Posted by Glockbuster View Post
I don´t know the answer to your above question, but I´ve read through this thread and I see you have been provided with good advice on a variety of rounds for SD purposes. They´re all good, and no one is a best fit for every possible situation or scenario. Differences in performance will not be that great.

IMHO, you have to start making up your mind on which to choose for defense purposes and train with it for a while. If you find something you are convinced is better you can always switch, but be sure to practice and practice until you´re good with it and until you´re convinced your weapon is good with it.

All the ammo discussed in this thread is excellent IMO.
Thanks for the positive reply. I have been running the Federal HST as my main carry load for the .40sw for about 4 1/2 months now. Use to be a true believer when it came to the gold dots but they were a lil expensive for me. But the 180gr HST is the round i choose to carry as well as it has passed tests i have done in the past. Though its not bonded its a great bullet i would trust my life on. My only problem with the HST is one that can happen with any HP ammo, it can get clogged and wont work. But then again that only happend with the HST going through plywood..
G22 loaded with Gold dots will make your attack stop
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