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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
Thanks for the clarification on the HST vs the tactical bonded. But i love the HSTs. Great round but it has a wide HP cavity which makes it more prone to clogging IMHO. But why would you take weigh over speed/power? just a question. ONLY looking answers since it appears alot of yall are more experienced than i am when it comes to these kinds of issues.

Any problem with the HSTs or the Gold Dots clogging going through heavy denim/clothing? i know the rangers are made with a small cavity to reduce clogging.
I already answered the 180gr vs 165gr HST question in a previous response.

In my experience, HSTs/Ranger Ts perform better than Gold Dot after going through heavy clothing. This is illustrated in my pictures above.

My experience is that bullets with small HPs are less robust expanders, particularly after clothing.

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