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Originally Posted by DRT View Post
It was in the TACTICAL box but HST's are NOT bonded. Federal also makes a TACTICAL BONDED round but it's not an HST. Don't confuse the two.

I;m not surprised at all regarding the 165gr Gold Dot's performance. My personal experience is that gold dots don't expand very well after heavy clothing/denim. They work pretty well when shooting them into bare water, gel, wet pack, etc. but put heavy clothing in front of them and they don't open up as well as other premium designs. This is clearly seen in the pictures above.
Thanks for the clarification on the HST vs the tactical bonded. But i love the HSTs. Great round but it has a wide HP cavity which makes it more prone to clogging IMHO. But why would you take weigh over speed/power? just a question. ONLY looking answers since it appears alot of yall are more experienced than i am when it comes to these kinds of issues.

Any problem with the HSTs or the Gold Dots clogging going through heavy denim/clothing? i know the rangers are made with a small cavity to reduce clogging.
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