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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
I'm a true believer when it comes to the Federal HSTs. Practice with federal ball ammo and currenty defend my home, me, my family, and car with 180gr Federal HSTs. Believe im gonna move down to the faster 165gr HSTs. Maybe the tactical bonded versions if they will sale them to me at lawmens.

one other thing, at the gun show the other day a guy told me that all the winchester PDX1 and Ranger loads are hot loads. Said that they are hard on guns that arent completely made of steel. How true is that? cant afford either round just a question. 155gr ranger T goes from $40-$47... Out of my price range, rather go with the Federal HST

My experience is that the 180gr HST is superior to 165gr HST due to it's larger, more robust expansion performance. Stick with the 180gr version.

155gr Ranger is NOT the Tseries design. It's a conventional HP design. The good stuff is 165gr (RA40TA) or 180gr (RA40T).

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