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Originally Posted by DRT View Post
I was up at my property this weekend and for S&G, I decided to try 180gr HST, 165gr Ranger Tseries, and 165gr gold dot out of my G22 (vs prior test was with G35) through 4 layers of denim into water. I'll post pictures when I get a chance but suffice it to say that it reaffirmed my decision to carry either the HST or Ranger T with equal peace of mind when I have a choice on what to carry. Both retained full weight and expanded more robustly/thoroughly vs gold dot. Additionally, the folded petals on the HST & Ranger are much longer than the gold dot indicating the potential for even larger expansion early on in the penetration process. Lastly, the expanded profiles on the HST & Ranger where sharper and therefore more efficient at cutting tissue.

Expansion (max/min) in inches.

HST: .77/.73
Ranger T: .75/.73
Gold dot: .61/.54

The frontal area, vs diameter, is more applicable for calculating crush volume. By calculating frontal area (average radius ^2 * 3.14) , the HST has approximately 67% more frontal area vs Gold dot. Ranger T has 65% more. Since all 3 penetrate >12", particularly with heavy clothing as an intermediate barrier, I'll take the one that crushes the most tissue in this critical area of penetration.
which 180gr HSTs did you use? the white box or the tactical bonded version?

IM suprise the 165gr Gold dot didnt expand more than .61/.54
G22 loaded with Gold dots will make your attack stop
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