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Originally Posted by PghJim View Post
I am not generally a fan of the 180gr loads for civilian SD. From what I know I would go with the 155GD, 165RT, 155HST, or the 135 Corbon. I see no advantage of the PXD1 165 over the Ranger T, unless you are shooting through glass. That was actually told to me by the Winchester technician putting on demonstrations for local LEO. Another load that has performed well out of the G22, but not so from smaller barrels, is the 155 Federal HS. I would recomend the 165 grain Golden Sabres, except the last time I shot them, there was a lot of muzzle flash. The 180's on RT or HST are OK, and will probably serve you well. I think the FBI protocol has led to some bad ammo choices for civilians when looking at just penetration and expansion. Energy does play a role. I think too much attention has been paid to what the target does to the bullet and not enough on what the bullet does to the target.

For instance the Reminton 125gr 357 magnum round from and 4 or 5" revolver would fail the FBI test, only penetrate to 10 or 11 inches, lose 40% of its weight and have of recovered diameter of 0.60. Yet I would trust that round in a SD situation over most offered in an auto pistol today. However, praticality rules and I carry a Glcok in 40 or 357 sig.
I guess all of the bad guys put down with the old 125 grain JHP 357 Magnum forgot to read the FBI test data first. Perhaps the same dynamics are at work when you look at the the street reports of the 135 grain CorBon 40 S&W load as well as the 115 grain 9mm +P+.
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