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Well, I got the mepros installed, and took them out night shooting last night. I am not yet an exceptional shot with the glock, and with new sights in the dark it was challenging to say the least.

I could score some hits after a bit, I was shooting for 9" plates in the dark. I was either shooting low and left, or the sights are not aligned correctly (due to the installer.) I think it probably had more to do with holding a flashlight in my off hand rather than supporting the sub compact with both hands on the grip.

The mepros illuminate quite well, and the yellow/green is easy to see, I had no issue telling the difference between the front and rear sights, and target acquisition was fairly quick. even if I lost the darn aim while squeezing.

The only drawback is telling exactly when the elevation is perfectly level, with regular glock sights you can line up the top of the sights, with these you have to either line up the dots, or point at an illuminated light colored background to line up the top of the sights. Keep in mind I am an amateur, and I was shooting 9" plates from 30 feet, and from defense range (15 feet or so) I have also never been night shooting. To be honest I had 7 targets set up, and I was randomly selecting them, and moving after each shot/turning off the light. When I reached a new position I tried to line up the shot, toggled the light on, aimed a bit more, shot, then turned off the light and moved again...

I landed about 50% of my shots on the paper plates.

I'll be trying the sights in daylight and on a rest to see if they are lined up right or if it was my odd 1 hand grip throwing my shots off so far. I give the mepros illumination an A. I also noticed that the rear sight stands further back than the stock sight, giving a more accurate sight over-all. I think I'll like these once I get the hang of them.

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