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Originally Posted by hackinpeat View Post
1) I just got some mepros for mine I'll post a review after I go out shooting until it gets dark some evening.

2) For a light I think you are better to have a handheld flashlight and training for tactical reasons. I plan on this for me... my subcompact doesn't have a rail for the light anyway (though I could add one)

1) I'd be surprised if you don't like them!

Meps, IMO, are the brightest appearing of all the night sights, with the front sight being a bit brighter than the rear, to aid acquisition and orientation.

2) Quite a few people prefer this approach!

The real advantage of a weapon-mounted light is a convenience thingy...

A weapon light keeps one hand free to open doors, call 911, etc.

A weapon light keeps everything together, so under stress, there's less stuff to get left behind or separated.

But proper use of a weapon light requires forethought, training and practice. For example, a good weapon light will flash-light an entire room by skipping the beam off the ceiling.

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