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Originally Posted by SPIN2010 View Post
with Smokin above. The golden rule is to document and move it to the CSEA (Man Haters) with a lawyer (if you can afford it). I am currently unemployed (1.5 yrs now) with my UI cut off by the vote in congress and they raised my child support.

Here in Ohio men have very limited rights that get stomped on if not fought for. CSEA always trumps the court unless proven incorrect (they are never wrong ). CYA 100% of the time.

CESA (Man Haters). You got that right.

When my ex and I went to CESA, to take care of the child support, they asked me why I changed jobs. I told them the truth, I felt the company was not doing well and I feared I would loose my job so I found another one (which they did go out of business shortly after I left).

My new job at that time was a $1.00 an hour less. The caseworker asked my ex if she was okay with that or if she felt I should get a part time job to make up the difference. Unbelievable.

Last year I was on rolling layoffs. I am paid biweekly. When the Company would lay us off they would make sure it was just one of the two weeks, for a while I was only working every other week. They did this so that at least our medical coverage and child support would be paid without any gaps. This was somewhat cool of them.

CESA caught wind that I was getting unemployment. They wanted their share too.

I called the caseworker and talked with them. I told them I was not behind on the child support and I explained what was happening.

I told them that if they take out child support from my unemployment that it would be double dipping and that was not right. I got the “It’s in the best interest of the child” story.

Finally, after talking with a couple of people, they said they would remove the withholding order but would keep a close eye on it.

They act as if every dad is a dead beat.
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