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Originally Posted by bravorigging View Post
This is probably a sore subject for a lot a guys and maybe gals,but i have my 2 sons living with me and the ex moved out of state,her income is double mine and I still have to pay cs.This is after we both went to a lawyer and agreed that she wanted no cs from me and she would help with the additional bills i will incur.Well i have not seen a dime and barely getting buy.She quit a great job to take another out of state,her boyfriend also somehow landed a job in the same erea.I dont think she was thinking of her carrer when she made her decision to move away.Should i get a lawyer ? Any help would be appreciated.
Did your children want to move in with you instead of living with their mom, or did she turn over the custody to you?

You might want it in writing through the courts that the children will be living with you on a permanent basis.

If your kids are living with you and your ex is still receiving child support for the kids, then yes, you should talk with an attorney about how to get it stopped and how to start collecting it from her.

It sounds like she may owe you back child support as well. From the time, your kids moved in with you to present. It may be worthwhile to check in to that also.
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