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Originally Posted by Glock 21 Dan View Post
I spent 6 months at Camp Roberts before I was sent to Viet Nam. Pretty neat place when the NG weren't there.

I thought I was old, but you, bulletguy, you and dirt must be about the same age and that's a good thing. Best wishes to you.
Thank you and a salute and sincere thankyou to you and all the others for your service.
Yeah, I'm old! Dirt has me beat by a little. I just escaped death again last March. They butchered me pretty good, but I survived. I've had lotsa practive.

Camp Roberts? Did you train up on the Hunter Liggett reservatioin? Was Map Hill still in use? What about fording the Salinas River with rifle (mine was a Garand) and full battle pack at midnight? Sure was fun. Wouldn't do it again for anything - Well Maybe! If they call me, huh?
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