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Originally Posted by 1canvas View Post
i see people here compare speer, hst and ranger with double tap. is dt ammo trusted as much as the large companies? i have asked about this before on another topic and most people said no, but here i have read many saying they had switch from speer to dt. dt velocities are impressive but wouldn't that be much harder on a glock or not?
dt has suffered a serious reputation drop. for the most part dt has started using the montana gold bullet instead of the gold dot. of course you know montana gold is not on par with the gold dot. this is not the only problem however. the main problem when you talk about dt being trusted is that they are not always informing their customers that they are changing their bullets. the customer is left to figure this out once they receive their product. not good business. until such practices are changed i can't recommend trusting them. imho of course.
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