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As to the beauty of the "Southern Cross", -square or rectangular- as Jack Nicholson (as "The Joker") said in the original Tim Burton "Batman" movie... "I don't know if its art, but I like it!"

If you ever see rectangular Southern cross with no star in the center, it is either General Jackson's or General Forrest's flag. Both flags were produced before Kentucky was counted amongst the Southern Confederacy.

The flag's crossed bars is a St. Andrew's cross. St. Andrew, Christ's 1st disciple, considered himself unworthy to be crucified in the manner as his saviour and convinced his executioners to tie him to the X upside down though he was in his late 80's. He survived for three days witnessing to passerby in unimaginable agony. Finally, he was ordered cut down but he had died shortly before he was released. Funny how a symbol that honors a Christian and a Jew is supposedly a "racist" or anti Jewish image.

Deo Vindice!
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