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Originally Posted by Glocktrigger View Post

I spoke with Dave S. at Shot Show earlier this year. He does like about a 4 lb. Trigger and uses a 14 lb. Wolff recoil spring. Dave S. Is at the very top of the game. I actually like my trigger a little lighter than 4. It is about shooting in competition, that is why people modify their Glocks all different ways.

What competition are you shooting Scouse?

I shoot IDPA, SSP SS and at 74 YOA, do OK.

But the same pistol on belt for IDPA, goes further, CCW, and a G licensed Security Officer. Clean factory trigger works, but a little less poundage would maybe be better for those very accuracy required shots, from any one of the 3 environments, I have just mentioned.

For instance our steel stage was only a fun stage at todays match, so had a separate part re scoring.

Hits by me at 25 yards on 6" plates, with gaps between large pepper poppers.
One shot, one hit, mind you I spent 30 years plus shooting bullseye matches.

So, how light before it is too light when mixed with adrenalin?

To hard a question, no real answer, Aye?
Keep Safe.
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