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Originally Posted by rsm688 View Post
Any way to make a dog quit drooling when your eating food , I for the life of me cannot come up with any way to train him since it's an unconditioned response but it's quite annoying
I'm sure Blinky will chime in pretty soon, he is the resident expert. But I can talk to my personal experience. My GSD was really bad about begging even though I have a hard rule of never feeding him off my plate. He will sit there and try everything to be "good" so we will treat him. He will sit straight and tall. He will lay down. He will try to shake our hand. He does everything we have ever taught him that has at some point rewarded him with a treat. So I borrowed an idea from "The Art of Raising A Puppy" by the Monks of New Skete. They would have their dogs do a down stay during the duration of their meal. If the dogs got up, one of the monks would quietly get up, retrieve his dog and make the dog go back to a down stay.

So what I started doing was, I'd eat first (which I've been told is always a good idea since you are the Alpha, Alpha's eat first). So while we are eating, my dog would be put in a down stay in teh same room as us (they are social animals so I don't want him acting out while we are eating). Usually I will put him in down stay in an area that if he drools, looks sad, or wimpers a bit, its difficult for someone to "slip" him food out of pity. My will power is great as I am very stubborn, but my girlfriend and her kids are not so strong. Then after dinner I will go over, praise him heartily and "treat" him with his dinner. Took about a week for him to get it down but now when its dinner time, he goes straight into down stay without being told. He tests the waters and skoots closer now and again. But I just quietly get up and put him back in his spot and he stays put. It's worked well. This way you don't have to necessarily train him out of an unconditioned response, but merely remove that response from the family while they are eating. If he drools a lot, maybe lay out a towel for him.

Good luck.
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