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Originally Posted by wingspar View Post
Hickock45 just put up a video on the Arsenal and Romanian WASR. Worth watching.
In the video, the wasr plastic handguard looks like its smoking (melting) after
30 rounds, but the newer generation no barrel contact handguard on the Arsenal SGL does not smoke up. The paint or oil on the outside of the barrel did burn off a bit though. A melted or burnt handguard is going to promote looseness and play havoc with point of aim and precision. Wood degrades (oxidizes) from high barrel heat and the same can happen. No thanks. I had it happen before and learned from it. If your going to get the barrel hot enough, its something to consider. I've though about how easy it might be to make a machined steel adapter that allows an old style handsguard retainer to properly utilize a modern no contact AK 100 series style handuard but unless there is a demand its just an idea without a market and no one will make them. Ok, sorry for the rant, back to comparisons.
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