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Matching numbers are for collectors. I wouldn't worry about it as it was made from a parts kit, no telling what all the original matching parts were like.

As for mag wobble. Who cares. Like you said, most wobble. Some more than others. I never understood why people squeel about mag wobble. I've never seen it affect feeding or function and the dimples on the side don't help stabalize it like some think. Even the tightest I've had never touch.

The metal mags will always have a little play and makes it easier to insert. If you want real tight fit, get some Tapco 30rd plastic waffle mags. They are tight side to side and front to back in anything I've put them in so far.

The GP kits are older models from Romania and I don't know if truly better or worse than new manufacture. They seem fine and like any AK, if it's straight and feeds and you can hit your mark, you've got a keeper.

There's nothing that can't be replaced or fixed on an AK.

Good deal.

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