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I have Bulgarian, Chinese, Egyptian, Romanian and other variant CAI builds.

The Chinese MAK90s are the strongest built of any I've owned. Heavier too.

Egyptian are built on Russian equipment and have a parked finish with epoxy overcoat which makes them pretty rust resistent.

Bulgarians are great as well as some of the Hungarian types.

As for what I like to grab when I go to the range?? I will most often grab a Romanian SAR1 or WASR just because they are a batlle tank AK. If you get past the canted sights or other issues they've had due to CAI monkeying, they are truly the Chevy or Ford of the AKs. I have yet had one to fail me. Just triple check anything made in 99-2001 era for the sights and gas blocks. The wood is great on the Romanians but the finish is what stinks. Sand them down and refinish of you want and they will be very pretty indeed.

If you want to spend the money on a SAM or other US made versions or with milled receivers, go for it. It won't make it any better in my opinion but it will be nicer finished and probably more accurate.

If you want a gun you can use in any weather and odn't care if it gets a scratch on it every now and again, get a Romanian.
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