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Originally Posted by >AdDiCtEd To AK's< View Post
how good is quality on the Century GP75 with the american made barrel and receiver is it better than the WASR ? i cant find any reviews on it.
Hit or miss with these, I've got one and the sights are so canted that I had to put an adjustable rear sight on it. It's a little bit higher up than the WASR but don't pay more than like 400-450 for one. The other thing with them is that no after market furniture will fit this gun without modification. This may just be mine but soft points are a big no-no the whole front end is canted just enough that exposed tip catches on the side of the chamber just before it seats. It's plenty accurate if you're using brass ammo, 2" at 50yd just using the mag as an improvised monopod from a bench.
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