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Originally Posted by >AdDiCtEd To AK's< View Post
I want to see what some more have to say about the romanian aks, any problems like the usual canting, poor finish, ect. bottem line would you reccomend them not because of the low price because of the rifle its self ? if not which type of ak would you reccomend to buy not taking price in to consideration ?
I have had a couple of WASRs. You do have to mention the price because they are a bargain for the price. They shoot fine. The ugly wood can be changed to folding stock, ironwood, refinished, or left as is. That is the only drawback to a WASR. I fixed my minor mag wobble with JB weld, mainly to keep it quiet. 10 minute fix. No other problems.
A friend of mine has an arsenal. They both shoot without problems. Mine was only $359 a couple of years ago, only addition is a folding stock. He has over $1000 in his with every gadget you can get. To each his own.
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