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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
actually, even all of the southern slaves weren't freed, since Lincoln made an exception for the loyal southern and border areas. The EP allows them to carve out specific areas where slaves were to be freed and it ONLY included areas in rebellion, not loyal areas.
This very true, Bren.

'Border states' Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky and Missouri were allowed to keep slavery as long as they did not officially secede from the US and join the Confederacy.

Some occupied areas under Union control in Virginia could keep their slaves also.

And then you had New Jersey a state who had 88,000 soldiers fighting for the Union to invade the South while they still had slavery at home until after the war was over. NJ didn't give up their slaves until they were forced to by the 13th Amendment.

6.000 New Jersey soldiers were killed in the Civil War.

Were they fighting to free the slaves in the South?

Did they know that their own state still had slaves?
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