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Originally Posted by GlocksterPaulie View Post

I am out of town this week so send me an email when you are going to mail out my holsters and I will make sure someone picks them up. I can't wait to check out the weapon light holster when I get home.

Will do good sir!

Originally Posted by HomeLandPatriot View Post
I have been looking for an IWB hybrid leather-kydex holster that incorporates a tlr-1 for a while now. Would you be able to create such a holster for a Glock 20 with an attached tlr-1?

Also a full leather IWB like you offer that would incorporate a weapon light, that would be nice.
I'll send you a PM to get some more info.

The main issue with a leather IWB with tac is reholstering. There needs to be a way to reinforce the entire circumference of the mouth so you don't have to undo your pants to get your weapon back in the holster. I, unfortunately, don't have the means to pull this off.... yet.
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