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As an aside to everyone here. I do not, (nor have I in the past) condone slavery in any form. All I'm saying is that it was a system that worked for centuries and was THE CORNERSTONE of the founding of this country. Warts and all, it was the only thing that worked under the circumstances that existed till the industrial revolution. Without slave grown cotton and tobacco the colonies would have floundered. They WERE floundering. There is no two ways around it. No one, and formostly the slaves involved, would have flourished here. The earliest attempts to colonize America were failing till tobacco was found to be THE cash crop that everyone wanted. Slave labor made it happen. It was sad nothing else worked but facts are facts and they are irrefutable in this arguement even if ignored or brushed aside. The founding fathers did not want slavery but there was no way to be rid of it either and still flourish as a nation.

The North invaded a peace loving non aggressive people and utterly destroyed it for the reasons I have repeatedly stated. Freeing the slaves was NEVER the "prime directive". The unconstutional forcing of the Southern states back into the Union for the collection of taxes and the use of Southern ports was. I WILL NOT however probagate the great lie that "Lincoln freed the slaves" nor that the war was fought to free them. The war did hinge on HOW slavery was to end. One by the peacefull use of malmutation that was in place and gradually phasing out the system. The other was the unconstutional and savage war that cost this country over 700,000 dead and tens of thousands more in wounded and maimed. I simply contend that the purchace was not worth the cost, and I believe the proof of that is also irrefutable. The "plight" of blacks in America can be traced directly back to the war and its aftermath. As Jefferson Davis predicted, the truth IS being heard.

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