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Yes "Jethro" I do know the difference between right and wrong and I know what built this country when nothing else would. Cotton and Tobacco and Slave labor. I know its hard for you to accept but that's what did it! I have held forth on this subject and the evenual use of slavery to establish the country when ALL ELSE FAILED! As I have stated before, NOTHING ELSE WORKED! Agreed, we should have let the Black African kings pilliage, rape and enslave their peoples to their heart's content and let this country sink into misery and failure till say the Spanish took over and used the exact same slavery system only to a far more horrific extent as they did in Central and South America. We would have had a Spanish speaking country like Brazil or Mexico is now. SOMEONE WOULD HAVE DONE IT! Would that have made you happy? It would tickled Hitler, Tojo, and Stalin in the '40s! You still wish to blame all the evils of slavery on a country that existed for four years. Of course the South favored holding on to its slaves. It still needed slave labor to produce its crops and feed its people including, JETHERO, its slaves. Yes, where would they have gone overnight? Canada? The South depended on COTTON and to a lesser extent TOBACCO. It took massive amounts of labor that COULD NOT be met by the existing white population or by industrial means which DID NOT EXIST IN THE SOUTH! There was no other way till the industrial revolution caught up with the farming south. This was why slavery was used as the scapegoat and why Lincoln tried to fester up a slave rebellion throughout the war. I say again. IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Thousands of free blacks and slaves served the Confederacy. Had there been the hatred you abolitonists said there was, (and that the North stired up for decades after the war) the South wouldn't have lasted a week. The truth is overwhelming but it has been ignored and papered over. The North only had ONE excuse for the invasion, warcrimes and destruction of one half of the country. Slavery. AND that arguement wasn't brought forth till about 1862 and the South was at least holding its own and slaughtering Yankees like invaders should be slaughtered.

When you fuss and fluster about slavery in the Confederacy, don't talk with your mouth full. Slave labor provided what was needed when it was needed. NOTHING ELSE DID JETHRO! Cotton plantations cut the average family's cost of clothing themselves from 80% of their annual income down to 20%. That left mucho $$ for other products and the industrial revolution really took off to meet the need of all those new consumers and led this country to the top of the heap in far less than 200 years. (But America is evil I suppose and deserves to be taken over by the mud hut countries as it is now right?)

Where did all the slave grown cotton go to? Northern cotton mills that employed millions and that clothed not only the Union but a great portion of the world. But no, lets let the cotton fields go to the boil weevel, let the Southern economy crash leaving the South like Ireland after the potato famine, and thousands go unemployed across the world just so we can end slavery overnight! The damage people like you did to this country took well over 130 years to even start to heal. Just so you could force an end to slavery that was ended peacefully everywhere else except for Hati. And we all have seen how that little experiment worked out didn't we? Remember the late earthquake there and the massive aid it has taken just to keep that country in existance to start with?

Warts 'n all Jethro, slavery WORKED! This country provides a haven for blacks that is a million times better than ANY black run country or to a lesser extent any other industrial country in the world. Black slavery was a "cornerstone" of that success. Deal with it!

I'll bet not one black in ten thousand would go back to "the promised land" of Africa, but they sure can cuss the white man who brought them here even if it was in chains. They were fed, housed, clothed, and given medical attention. They had none of that in Africa then or now, but according to you, in four years the South was responsible for all the "evils" of slavery the world has ever known.

Deo Vindice!
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