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Originally Posted by Gray_Rider View Post
Nice to see you again Big Bird.

Seems Nat Turner's slave revolt that involved the murder of dozens of innocent whites kind of fizzled out for lack of a following amongst the slave populace. Same with your proable "hero" John Brown. Another cold blooded murderer of his own people. Same thing happened (yet again) with dear old "honest" Abe and the emancipation proclamation. It was penned to forment a slave revolt behind Confederate lines. Funny how each time the stakes were raised there was NO general uprising. Over 150 years of out and out lies and the sad mistake of blacks to believe the same lies over and over and over since the "40 acres and a mule" doozie doesn't change the facts. Black slaves (were on the whole) treated better here than at any time in history or on any other contenient on the face of the earth including their beloved Africa. Slavery exists there on a grand scale to this day and goes back into the sands of time for centuries. And our "friends" the Moors (whose religion blacks flock to due to a 'hatred' of the white man's religion") were the very people who were the go betweens between said African kings (who enslaved their own people more savagely than can commonly be imagined) and the "evil" white Yankee slavers who brought the poor wretches to the new world for rum and trinkets. Yes. If any black wants to go back to "Merry Old Africa" and live he is welcome to do so. Your big buddy "Honest Abe" had plans in the works to ship all blacks out of the country back to Africa or anywhere they chose to go. Hundreds were shipped back of their own free will and were starved and run off by their own people. Read something other than fiction once in a while.

The Indians took and kept slaves. White, black, "hispanic" and other Indians.

No reproach:

The Spanish enslaved and worked whole Indian cultures into the ground for centuries.

No reproach:

The English enslaved thousands of Irish and Scots and worked orphan children to death by the thousands in their work houses; "Oliver Twist" was based on real happenings remember, but the working class English were so broken hearted over a piece of fiction, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that they kept the Crown from entering into the WSI.

Tens of thousands of Chinese were worked to death and tens of thousands more innocent women and girls were sold into sexual slavery by their own and our own people.

No reproach:

This country, after its independence, was a slave holding country for 98 years before the WSI.

No reproach:

Brazil kept slavery for twenty years after the WSI ended and then ended it peacefully with the above mentioned malmutation. (The rembursment of the cost of the slaves to the owners by public funds.

No reproach:

Federal soldiers raped the black women first and pilliaged the slave's hovel with the same lust and depravity they raped the white southern women and the manor born.

No reproach:

The US government treated blacks like 2nd class citizens for decades after the WSI, well past WWII and Korea, and poisioned race relations in the South that continues to this day. Their lackies in the media have the blood of tens of thousands black and white on their hands.

No reproach:

The Southern states were ending slavery through peacefull malmutation. The freeing of slaves after their owner's death and by other means that would not leave their owners destitute. Remember. This was at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Slave labor fed and clothed the WORLD for centuries. It was the only thing that worked here in the colonies. They weren't kept for raping and to have someone to whip on despite almost two centuries of Northern lies to the contary. Slaves cost the amount of a new car today, and were crucial to the survival of the nation. Rabid aboltionists wanted them all set free with no education or any preparedness whatsoever for the real world. They got their way. Worked out pretty good didn't it?

The war wasn't about the ending of slavery. That was happening peacefully for decades before WSI. Like it or not it was soon to become cost prohibitive. The war was brought on by the same measures that we fought our first war for independence for. Taxation without representiation.

Lincoln and the congress passed the Morrill Tariff, (the highest import tax in history) that raised the import tax rate from 20% to 40 %! The southern cotton industry was devastated. The South had only 30% of the population but paid 80% of the tariffs collected. The Southerers seceeded to escape this punitive tax and Lincoln invaded to re-secure said tax to slake the demands of his Northern industrailist supporters.
The only way to recoup this punishing tax was to invade the Southern Confederacy and drive it back into the Union at bayonet point. It cost the country over 700,000 dead and hundreds of millions of 1860's dollars. It involved massive unpunished (this side of the grave) war crimes and the wanton destruction of an area the size of a 180 mile swath of desolation from New York City to Chicago. Don't preach to me about the plight of the Southern slaves Big Bird. Don't forget the massive desertions in the Union Army when Lincoln "freed" all the Southern slaves while leaving all in Northern and overran Southern states still in their chains. Lincoln was no friend of the slaves. I have said before and I will say again. Slavery was the South's achellie's heel and is the probagation of one of the the biggest lies in the history of mankind. That being. "The "Civil War" was fought to free the slaves!" Funny how there were slave owners on each side and U.S.Grant kept his wife's slaves till December of 1865. Robert E. Lee freed all the slaves that were left to him in (if memory serves) his wife's father's will, well before the war.

Deo Vindice!

The slaves didn't revolt. Their sacrifices free and slave kept the Confederacy in the fight whether you wish to accept that fact or not. Look up John Jaspar sometime. Or Bill Yopp. "Ten cent Bill" as he was known. Yopp, a former slave and Confederate soldier, collected dimes from passerby (when dimes had the same buying power as dollars today) and bought gifts, cakes, food, and personal items to his former Confederate soldier (and former master) then pennyless and living in the Old Confederates' home in the late 1800s.

No one goes to the "Black churches in Atlanta" (or any other black church) and preaches anything concerning the war but sedition and hatred. Black men have become disposable in the modern urban community. Black women demand scarce more than fertilization from the average black male, which only serves to produce more black voters for white politicians that promise more and more of the 40 acres and a mule fiasco that has worked so well for so many decades.

And you think slavery was ended!!?? One set of chains was exchanged for another!!
Wow! That's quite some vindication there. Still doesn't change the fact that the Confederacy enshrined in its constitution the EVIL, IMMORAL, CRUEL, and simply DISGRACEFUL institution of slavery. It had no intention of getting rid of it. If you read speeches by Southern Politicians agitating for war in the various state legislatures there are NUMEROUS references to slavery being the primary cause of the war... Do I need to post VP of the Confederacy Andrew Stephen's "Cornerstone Speech" AGAIN for you?

Again, how trite it must seem to you that another man be sold as nothing more than property and his value tied to nothing more than his ability to increase the purse of his master! It still astounds me that someone who professes a love for the Founding of this country and values like freedom, etc can also embrace a government that was so PROFOUNDLY flawed at the most fundamental level!

The current condition of blacks in this country, their previous treatment, how someone else practiced slavery is all irrelevant to the discussion. And its simply a childish attempt by you to evade the RAW TRUTH! It was WRONG! How simple...yet true WRONG!

Of course the Army of 4,000+ pro-slavery southerners that invaded Kansas in 1856 in order to make sure it became a slave state were simply defending their rights? (Bleeding Kansas) No Reproach?

Southern apologists like yourself LOVE to point out that the country allowed slavery for 96 years since its founding... The truth is within 12 years of adopting the Constitution most northern states effectively outlawed slavery. The ONLY reason it was never outlawed on a Federal level is the Southerners enjoyed a balance of power in their favor and it never was politically possible. That's the simple truth. Southerners wouldn't abolish slavery at the Federal level. If you think that's a simplification I submit that its not. Since the founding this country struggled with the issue. Read about the Missouri Compromise of 1820 or the Great Compromise of 1850 (Kansas and Nebraska Territories) All related to slavery and the balance of power in the Federal Government. Southerners wanted more slave states (and the seats in Congress and the Senate that came with new states) to keep the pro-abolitionist North from outnumbering them and outlawing slavery. Its really that simple. The Civil War started because the balance of power had finally swung against the South in the election of 1860 and they knew it was only a matter of time before slavery was gone...

So to recap. Slavery is/was wrong. The Confederacy wanted to preserve slavery and the Confederate Constitution made slavery a mandatory legal condition in every Southern State--thereby abrogating any states rights issue on this matter. Slavery was about greed and exploitation. Nobody buys the White Man's burden routine anymore.

How blacks have fared or how they have been treated since the Civil War does not make the original sin any less WRONG or EVIL or CRUEL or DISGRACEFUL.... You do know the difference between right and WRONG?
Big Bird,

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