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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
Im looking for opinions from those with more experience with glocks and .40 sw in general. In my own opinion i feel that the 165gr speer gold dots, 165gr winchester ranger and the 180gr Federal loads are 3 of the best SD loads for the .40 sw. Looking for info and insight from others.
None of them are the best, None of them are the worst either. None of them are any good if you can't hit your target. Go get a couple boxes of each, and shoot them. Decide which one you are most accurate w/, what is reliable in your firearm, and what you can find, and go with that.

Minor differences between ammo, aren't going to be making a big difference. Only "big" difference between them, is if you anticipate needing barrier penetration, at that point you'd want a bonded bullet.

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