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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
But for the price the XM40HA looks like a great deal for 50 rounds of ammo. But compared to the winchester white box 180gr at $1 more depending on location, i find them to be less suited for full sized/standard sized handguns. I feel that if your shooting anything longer than a 4" barrel you should use 165 gr to 180 gr when talking about .40 s&w loads for self defense. But in a residential area like mine where the mass majority of the homes have thin walls, believe the XM40HA will serve a great purpose for home defense. Over penetration should not be a factor when considering rib bones, mussle tissue, skin and clothing to be your only targets.

sound like the 135grn HST is your ticket

the PDX1, that's not the white box stuff though. it's about $1/round, or $20 for 20 rounds.

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