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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
thanks... guess i will stick to the 180gr winchester loads and the 165gr speer gold dots... my only problem with the heavier speer gold dots is expansion when doing various expansion tests.

and yeah, alot of guys say the lightest loads are for the more compact hand guns. For the simple fact of making up for the shorter barrel which in general a shorter barrel will need a faster load to match up with the accuracy and energy of a gun with a longer barrel. those are just my personal thoughts tho. Back when i played paintball the longer barrels where more accurate but the shorter barrels shot further. Thats why you would see mid and back players using the longer more accurate barrels. So i believe this theory is the same for handguns.

the 165 to 180 grn federal HST's are the best jhp's for 40cal on the market right now, but are usually hard to find.

the winchest PDX1 bonded one's are great too. the FBI uses them. they're easy to find too. PDX1 is what i would buy if i couldn't find the HST's.

i've never used gold dots before. which one's are you seeing poor expansion with? i've seen tests online where certain gold dots didn't expand well through denim.
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