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Originally Posted by rome2240sw View Post
my only concern is how it functions in the glock 22. AS far as consistency and dependability goes. Some people argue that lighter is better where some people argue that heavy and slow is the best way to go. I dont want to buy a round and possibly crack or blow up a barrel. My first barrel cracked due to bullet set back, a stove pipe and shooting without a magazine all combined. well maybe bullet set back since i ride the slide back and fourt and the round was only chambered 2 or 3 times. luckily it didnt blow up on me. Just the barrel had cracks in the head which glock refused to replace. but something i can understand.
well, the 135 grner's tend to only penetrate about 9 inches, and most folks like a little more than that.

for my 40's, i stick with 165 to 180grn
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